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                                                     PIPE LAYER DGY90

Lifting capacity at tipping point 90,000kg  198,360lb
Max. lifting moment at min. load overhang 1076kN.m(882kN*1.22m) 793,597lb.ft (198,320lb*4ft)
Max. lifting moment at max. load overhang 891.8(127.4kN*7m) 658,996lb.ft (28,652lb*23ft)
Boom length 7.35m 24.12 ft 8.6m 28.21 ft
Max . lifting height of the hook 5.75m 18.86 ft 7.1m 23.29 ft
Hoisting speed(eight part line) 6.0m/min 19.68ft/min
Boom elevating time 60s
Model of chassis DGY-90
Model of diesel engine NTA855-C360 CUMMINS NTA855-C360
Rated power 257kW 345hp
Track shoe width 760mm 30in 860mm 33.8in
Model of hydraulic pump CBY4125/4100/K1008
Rated working pressure of system 20,000kPa 2,900psi
Hook winch Hydraulic driven, Planetary transmission, Free-fall function
Rated pulling force of system (third layer) 120kN 26,448lb
Diameter of wire rope 22mm 0.866in
Boom winch Hydraulically driven, Planetary transmission
Rated pulling force of system (second layer) 100kN 24,244lb
Diameter of wire rope 22 mm 0.866in
Temperature of surroundings -30~+40 -220F1040F
Overall dimension With boom 5.7*4.95*8.13m 17.71*16.24*30.21ft
(Length*Width*Height) 17.71*16.24*26.67ft
Without boom 5.7*3.47*3.30m 5.7*3.47*3.30m
17.71*11.38*10.82ft 17.71*11.38*10.82ft
Ground pressure Without load 104kPa 15.08psi 105kPa 15.23psi
Operating weight 57,300kg 126,060 lb 58,000kg 127,600lb


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