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                                         25ton CRAWLER CRANE

Engine Engine Model  Cummins 6BTA8.3-C
Engine Rated output 160kW/2200rpm 
Fuel Consumption 230g/kW.h
Max. Rated lifting capacity 25,000kg 
Max lifting moment Base boom 735kN.m 
Full extended boom 450kN.m 
Max lifting height Base boom 9.8m
Full extended boom 27.8m
Base boom length 9.5m
Full extended boom length 27.8m 
Max hoisting speed of the hook 12.5m/min (six part line) 
Track gauage 2740mm
Length of track on ground 4420mm
Track Pitch 203.2mm
Track width Triangle,1100mm(optional)
Walking speed 0-2 km/h
Lifting,Steering winch Planetary reducer and decelerator inside
Rotation circuit pressure 20Mpa
Volume of hydraulic oil tank 3.0-500 L
Min clearance part from ground 485
Working surrounding -40ˇăC+60ˇăC
Grade ability 20o
Suitable Altitude 0-3600m
Ground pressure 36kPa
Overall dimension(L*W*H) 12.25M*3.84M*3.45M
Operating weight(kg) 34500kg


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