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SHANTUI SD42 Transmission 31Y-15A-00001


                              SHANTUI SD42 Transmission 31Y-15A-00001

Have Transmission assy and parts fit for the for the following machine:

KOMATSU: D31, D50, D60, D65, D85-18, D85-21, D155, D275, D355-3

SHANTUI: SD08, SD11, SD13, SD16, SD22, SD23, SD32, SD42 ,

TY130 TY160 TY220 TY230 TY320 SP100Y, SP70Y, SP45Y, SP25Y

HBXG (SHEHWA): T140 T165 TY165, TY165-2, TYS165, SD6G, SD7 SD8 SD9

DAIFENG (pipe layer): DGY15, DGY20, DGY25, DGY40, DGY55, DGY70, DGY90, QUY16, QUY25

PENGPU: PD120, PD140, PD165, PD185, PD220, PD320, PD410

ZOOMLION: ZD160, ZD220 ZD230, ZD320

CATERPILLAR: D3 D4 D5 D6D, D7G, D8K, D9, D10N,

LIUGONG: B160 B230 B320


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